congratulation to ArbeiT!

The 2014 Swiss Innovation Prize is awarded to Tr’espace and its director Roman Müller for the production ArbeiT (‘work’) - this was communicated this morning by ktv, one of the most important Swiss theatre associations.

The committee of ktv says :

Tr’espace | Roman Müller – Swiss Innovation Prize 2014

The 2014 Swiss Innovation Prize (Schweizer Innovationspreis) is awarded to Tr’espace and its director Roman Müller for the production ArbeiT (‘work’)

about ktv

For their production ArbeiT (‘work’), theatre company Tr’espace, directed by Roman Müller, will receive the 2014 Swiss Innovation Prize, awarded annually by the ktv (Vereinigung KünsterInnen –Theater – VeranstalterInnen, Schweiz).  Tr’espace have achieved the transition from the big top to the stage: with ArbeiT, Roman Müller and his team – first and foremost Eve-Anouk Jebejian, Philippe Deutsch and Jani Nuutinen – have created visual theatre using breathtaking circus arts and an enchanting soundscape, a show full of experiences, with objects, tricks and a concert grand. With precise execution and choreography, Tr’espace generate imaginative physical images and a multifaceted universe into which they abduct the spectator with playful ease.

Tr’espace have paved the way for a new, expanded theatrical culture, involving a much wider range of performing arts. The point of departure for Roman Müller’s onstage research is the diabolo. Long forgotten as a child’s toy, simply an alternative number amongst jugglers, it is never otherwise used as an expressive medium in theatre or circus. Tr’espace have now raised the bar, enchanting, bewildering and delighting. A new creative field has been opened up, breaking down the boundaries between classic circus, cabaret andcirque nouveau, and opening the doors to dance and theatre.

 Since the company was formed in 2002, Tr’espace have ignored conventions and developed an inimitable style which uses elegance and sensitivity to combine the playful and perverse with artistic excellence. With a trilogy of performances featuring the diabolo, beginning with appearances under the name Duo Tr’espace, via the short piece RencontreD to the stage production, Le Cercle, Tr’espace have been performing throughout the world for  over a decade. ArbeiT, premiered in 2012, is a further milestone: Roman Müller addresses the relationship between people, objects and machines and illustrates dry theories of employment with rich, exciting, surprising and humorous images.

With prize money of CHF 6,000, the Swiss Innovation Prize was launched in 2001 as an award for the recognition of particularly innovative cabaret: ideas, productions and works which are unusually groundbreaking or original, follow untypical premises, and have been realised professionally. The winner is selected by a jury of experts. The prize is made possible by the Swiss firm Migros.